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Poscom Ferien Holding in liquidation is the former owner of Ferienverein Hotels. In 2006, the holiday hotel association - first founded in 1963 - was converted into the public limited company POSCOM Ferien Holding AG. From then until March 2018, POSCOM Ferien Holding AG operated four of its own hotels in Switzerland and two large holiday complexes in the Mediterranean under the name Ferienverein.

In 2016, Ferienverein launched a structured process to find investors. The sale was urgently needed to ensure that the hotel complexes could be refurbished, thereby securing the long-term survival of the hotels. At the Extraordinary General Meeting on 6 February 2018, the shareholders of POSCOM Ferien Holding AG approved the sale of the whole of Ferienverein's portfolio by a large majority. In Sami Al Angari, a Saudi Arabian national, a financial investor has been found who will take over all the hotels and the existing Ferienverein operating organisation and make further investments in the holiday complexes. For Ferienverein guests, nothing will change. The hotels are operating perfectly, the managers and teams are highly motivated and they will continue to offer outstanding service.

Since the sale, the holding company has been in liquidation, because it no longer serves any purpose.