Learn about the milestones in the history of Ferienverein and the individual hotels.



Company founded by Willi Bähler and employees of PTT
Objective: To offer high-quality holidays at affordable prices


Conversion to public company (AG) - POSCOM Ferien Holding AG under the direction of Felix Rutschmann

2006Sale of company's transport division Car Rouge to  Eurobus
2008 Sale of Hotel Don Leon in Majorca to Universal Reisen
2010 Sale of Pensiun Chesa Pool in Val Fex to hotelier Jans-Jürg Buff
2018 Sale of the subsidiaries (hotel facilities) and of the headquarter POSCOM Tour Operating AG

Hotel Altein

1914 – 1916 Construction of Sanarium Altein in Arosa by Dr Otto Amrein
1931Redevelopment of sanatorium into a sport hotel by Cuoni Meier-Wieland
1960Opening of Zurich Höhenklinik by Dr. Johannes Gartmann
1979 Start of operationand conversion of Hotel Altein by Ferienverein
1990Construction of minigolf and pit-pat facilities, pergola and relaxation area
2013 Appointment of new directors Sonja Ninaus and Georges Oggenfuss
2016Soft renovation of the double rooms heading south

Hotel Schweizerhof

1907 Opening of Hotel Schweizerhof in Sils-Maria by Ferdinand Barblan
1982 Purchase of the non-winterised hotel by Ferienverein
1984 Renovation an reopening of Hotel Schweizerhof
1994 Addition of the winter garden with view of the river Fex
2012 48 new design Swiss pine rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors
2013 Renovation of the Holiday apartment with 5.5 romms to 240m2 on the 7th and 8th floors
2013 Appointment of new directors Nico and Katharina Röthlisberger
2014 47 new design Swiss pine rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors
2018  Appointment of the new directors Katja Gridling and Gregorio van Kuyk

Hotel Victoria-Lauberhorn

1897 Opening of Hotel Victoria-Lauberhorn in Wengen by Mr and Mrs Tschiemer-Müller
1910 Reopening after a devastating fire
1930 Running water installed

Purchase by Ferienverein

Major renovation and opening of salt spa, new annexes on the east and west sides
2008 Appointment of the new directors Katja Gridling and Gregorio van Kuyk
2013 Light renovation and refurbising of the veranda
2016 Appointment of new director Roger Wyrsch

Hotel Valaisia

Arround 1900 Construction of the sanatorium in Crans-Montana by Dr Theodor Stephani
1960 Renovation by the Barras brothers to create Hotel Valaisia
1976 Purchase by Ferienverein
1981 Renovation an Opening of salt spa
2011 Appointment of new directors Monique and Nicolas Deslarzes
2014 Renovation of entrance area with cosy fireplace
2014 Construction of multifunctional meeting room on ground floor
2016Construction of a new outdoor pool 

Giverola Resort / Camping Pola

1957Formation of Swiss-Spanish company Giverola S.A.
1958Opening of Camping Pola
1961First power supply transformer installed at Camping Pola
1966Start of construction of Giverola Country Club, however construction halted due to debts and differences of opinion
1980Development of Giverola by architect Rolf Angst, installation of water and power supply, wastewater treatment plant and telephone collections
1980Purchase of Giverola S.A. by Ferienverein
1985 - 1988Construction and completion of Giverola Resort
1991Purchase of Camping Pola by Ferienverein
2009Appointment of new director Patrick Flückiger (joint director with Gaby Flückiger from 2012 onwards)
2010Sympathetic renovation of Patio Bar
2013Renovation of tennis courts and heating added to outside pool
2016Construction of an official beachsoccer pitch and renovation of tennis courts

Tirreno Resort

1978Construction of Tirreno Resorts
1983Purchase by Ferienverein
1999Extension of resort with addition of villas and studios, pool and half-board restaurant
2007Appointment of new director Luc Schwarz
2012Reconstruction of entrance area with reception, bar and lounge
2013Renovation of four double tennis courts
2014Two new suites and 15 apartments on the upper floor of the main building
2015Construction of adventure minigolf course and renovation of water slide
2016Renovation of the first and second floor of the main building